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Samuel Beckett Works


English TitleFrench TitleOriginalCompletedGenre
Dante...Bruno. Vico...Joyce English1929Criticism
Assumption  English 1929Prose
Sanies II  English 1929Poetry
Whoroscope  English 1930Poetry
Proust English 1930Criticism
 Le ConcentrismeFrench1930Criticism
Walking Out English1931Prose
Casket of Pralinen… English1931Poetry
The Vulture  English 1931Poetry
Enueg I  English1931Poetry
Enueg II  English1931Poetry
Dream of Fair to Middling Women  English 1932Prose
The Smeraldina's Billet Doux English1932Prose
Ding-Dong English1932Prose
Dante and the Lobster English1932Prose
Home Olga  English 1932Poetry
Dortmunder  English 1932Poetry
Serena I  English 1932Poetry
Serena II  English 1932Poetry
Da tagte es  English 1932Poetry
Echo’s Bones  English 1933Poetry
Sanies I  English 1933Poetry
Serena III  English 1933Poetry
More Pricks than Kicks  English 1933Prose
Fingal English1933Prose
Love and Lethe English1933Prose
What a Misfortune English1933Prose
Yellow English1933Prose
Draff English1933Prose
A Wet Night English1933Prose
Echo’s Bones English1933Prose
Gnome  English 1934Poetry
Malacoda  English 1934Poetry
Censorship in the Saorstat English1934Essay
A Case in a Thousand English1934Prose
Alba  English 1934Poetry
The Essential and the Incidental English1934Essay
Ex Cathezra English1934Essay
Cascando  English 1936Poetry
MurphyMurphyEnglish 1936Prose
they comeelles viennentEnglish1937Poetry
 musique de l’indifferenceFrench1938Poetry
Ooftish English1938Poetry
 Les Deux besoinsFrench1938Essay
 à elle l’acte calmeFrench1939Poetry
 être là sans mâchoires sans dentsFrench1939Poetry
 Ascension French1939Poetry
 La MoucheFrench1939Poetry
 bois seulFrench1939Poetry
 ainsi a-t-on beauFrench1939Poetry
 Rue de VaugirardFrench1939Poetry
 Arènes et LutèceFrench1939Poetry
 jusque dans la caverne ciel et solFrench1939Poetry
The EndLe finFrench1946Prose
Mercier and CamierMercier et CamierFrench1946Prose
The ExpelledL’ExpulséFrench1946Prose
First LovePremier amourFrench1946Prose
The CalmativeLe CalmantFrench1946Prose
Saint-Lô English1946Poetry
Antipepsis English1946Poetry
The Capital of the Ruins English1946Essay
 vive morte ma seule saisonFrench1947Poetry
 Accul (bon bon il est un pays)French 1947Poetry
Watt English 1948Prose
my way is in the sand flowingju suis ce cours de sable qui glisseFrench1948Poetry
what would I do without this worldque ferais-je sans ce mondeFrench1948Poetry
I would like my love to dieje voudrais que mon amour meureFrench1948Poetry
Malone DiesMalone meurtFrench1948Prose
 Mort de A.D.French1949Poetry
Waiting for GodotEn attendant GodotFrench1949Drama
The UnnamableL’InnommableFrench1950Prose
Texts for NothingTextes pour rienFrench1951Prose
From an Abandoned WorkD’un ouvrage abandonnéEnglish1955Prose
Act Without Words IActe sans paroles IFrench1956Drama
All That FallTous ceux qui tombentEnglish1956Drama
EndgameFin de partieFrench1957Drama
Act Without Words IIActe sans paroles IIFrench1958Drama
Krapp's Last TapeLa Dernière bandeEnglish1958Drama
Rough For Theatre IFragment de théâtre IFrench1960Drama
Rough For Theatre IIFragment de théâtre IIFrench1960Drama
How It IsComment c’estFrench1960Prose
Rough For Radio IEsquisse radiophoniqueFrench1961Drama
Rough For Radio IIPochade radiophoniqueFrench1961Drama
Happy DaysOh, les beaux joursEnglish1961Drama
Words and MusicParoles et MusiqueEnglish1961Drama
Film English1963Drama
All Strange Away English1964Prose
Imagination Dead ImagineImagination morte imagineFrench1965Prose
Eh JoeDis JoeEnglish1965Drama
Come and GoVa et vientEnglish1965Drama
The Lost OnesLe DépeupleurFrench1965Prose
Not IPas MoiEnglish1972Drama
He is bareheadedIl est tête nueFrench1972Prose
As the Story Was Told English1973Prose
Horn came awaysHorn venait la nuitFrench1973Prose
Afar a birdAu loin un oiseauFrench1973Prose
I gave up before birthJ’ai renoncé avant de naîtreFrench1973Prose
dread nay English1974Poetry
Something Therehors crâne seul dedansFrench1974Poetry
Old earthVielle terreFrench1974Prose
For to end yet againPour fenir encoreFrench1974Prose
That timeCette foisEnglish1975Drama
Closed space (Closed place)Se voir (Endroit clos)French1975Prose
Ghost TrioTrio du fantômeEnglish1975Drama
The CliffLa FalaiseFrench1975Prose
...but the clouds... English1976Drama
Roundelay English1976Poetry
thither English1976Poetry
One Dead of Night English1977Poetry
Still 3 English1978Prose
Sounds English1978Prose
 le nain nonagénaireFrench1978Poetry
 à bout de songes un bouquinFrench1978Poetry
A Piece of MonologueSoloEnglish1979Drama
Ohio ImpromptuImpromptu d’OhioEnglish1980Drama
Ceiling English1981Prose
Ill Seen Ill SaidMal vu mal ditFrench1981Prose
Quad English1981Drama
Nacht und Träume English1982Drama
Worstward HoCap au pireEnglish1982Prose
What WhereQuoi oùFrench1983Drama
Brief Dream English1987Poetry
Stirrings StillSoubresautsEnglish1988Prose
What Is the WordComment direFrench1988Poetry

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